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The hydraulic hammer, also known as a hydraulic breaker, is a powerful percussion hammer used for demolishing concrete structures or rocks.

A hydraulic hammer breaks concrete, rock, stone, granite, and more. Hydraulic hammers, also known as hydraulic breakers, are used in mining, demolition, excavation, construction, and more. Our company has been providing servicing and repairs for all brands of hydraulic hammers since 1983, utilizing our team of certified mechanics and trained professionals who specialize in hydraulic equipment. We repair, rebuild, and maintain hydraulic hammers to original equipment manufacturer specifications. Our process includes a thorough inspection of the internal and external components to properly identify issues and solutions. The majority of problems stem from inadequate maintenance or mishandling by operators.

We can replace any internal hardware components, including:

• Upper Bushings.
• Bottom Bushings.
• Tool Holders.
• Retaining Pins.
• Lock Pins.
• Seal Retainer.
• Valves.
• Spools.
• Pistons.
• Tie Rods.
• Lock Nuts.
• Seal Kits.
• And Much More

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